Paul Gardiner was born in Hayes, Middlesex.  In early 1976 he was playing in a band called The Lasers when Gary  Numan (then using his real name Gary Webb) auditioned as lead guitarist.  The two became fast friends and when Numan left the band soon after,  Gardiner followed. The pair formed Tubeway Army, initially with Numan’s  uncle Jess Lidyard on drums. In October 1977, the band was signed to the independent label Beggars Banquet and released their first single, “That’s Too Bad”, in February 1978. The trio used assumed names, Gardiner’s being ‘Scarlett’. An ever-changing line-up played gigs over the next few months,  Gardiner and Numan being the only constant members. Settling back to a  three-piece outfit with Lidyard, the band released two albums as Tubeway  Army, an eponymously-titled debut in 1978 and the #1 hit Replicas in 1979. When Numan dropped the name Tubeway Army in mid-1979, Gardiner remained as bassist, playing on the #1 albums The Pleasure Principle (1979) and Telekon (1980), and touring with Numan throughout the world in 1979-81.

Following Numan’s ‘retirement’ in April 1981, after final concerts at Wembley Arena, his backing band went its separate ways. Most of the members formed a new group called Dramatis,  while Gardiner elected to concentrate on a solo career. Gardiner’s  debut solo release was a single co-written with Numan called “Stormtrooper in Drag” b/w “Night Talk” in 1981. It made #49 in the UK Singles Chart.

On these tracks Gardiner and Numan were credited with guitar and bass, respectively; Gardiner also played synthesizer.

Gardiner’s recording of The Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”  was the first release on Numan’s own label, Numa, in 1984. The single’s  B-side, “No Sense”, was written by Gardiner. Aside from work on solo  projects, he played with Dramatis in 1982 and, shortly before his death,  worked with Marc Anthony Thompson on the latter’s debut album.

Paul Gardiner struggled with heroin addiction in his last years. Gardiner died of a fatal heroin overdose on February 4, 1984 in Limetrees Park in Northolt, Middlesex. He was survived by a son, Chris.

Gary Numan wrote the song “A Child with the Ghost” (from the 1984 album Berserker)  in memory of his friend and former bass-player. He also paid tribute to  Gardiner on the 10th and 20th anniversaries of his death by playing,  respectively, “Stormtrooper in Drag” on his 1994 tour (released on the  1995 live album Dark Light) and “Night Talk” at a 2004 charity gig.

  During the 2009 Pleasure Principle tour Numan paid tribute to  Gardiner on his 25th anniversary by playing “Complex” (the demo version)  with a picture of Gardiner displayed on the large screen background.

Paul Gardiner出生在Middlesex的Hayes,在1976年的时候他是一支叫Lasers的乐队的成员,这时候Gary Numan来应聘主音吉他手。他们俩很快成了朋友,后来Numan离开乐队的时候,Paul跟随他一同离开。他们组建了一支新的乐队,Tube army,最初的时候Numan的叔叔Jess Lidyard作为乐队鼓手。1977年十月的时候,乐队签到独立厂牌Beggars Banquet旗下并在1978年二月发行了他们第一张曲,”That’s Too Bad”。三人当时用艺名,Gardiner叫做Scarlett。

接下来的几个月里乐队成员出现了频繁的变化,但是Paul跟Numan一直呆在乐队里。最终Lidyard加入,乐队人员确定下来,并发行了两张专辑,1978年的Debt和1979年造成强烈反响的Replicas。1979年Numan停用了乐队的名字,但是Paul依然是他的贝斯手,在发行的The Pleasure Principle (1979) 和Telekon (1980)两张专辑中弹奏,并参加了Numan1979到81年的世界巡演。
随着Numan在1981年在Wembley Arena演唱会后的退出,Paul跟其他的乐队成员成立了Dramatis乐队,但是Paul决定专心做一名SOLO艺术家。1981年他与Numan合作的首张个人单曲”Stormtrooper in Drag” b/w “Night Talk”发行。专辑曾经登上UK单曲榜的49位。在录音时,Paul和Numan分别弹奏贝司和吉他,Paul还弹奏了合成器的部分。
Paul参与地下丝绒乐队录制的”Venus in Furs”最早是1984年在Numan自己的厂牌Numa下发行的。唱片的B面Gardiner自己写了一首No Sense。除了个人事业外,1982年Gardiner参加了Dramatis的演出,并在他生前最后的日子里与Marc Anthony Thompson合作了他的首张专辑。
Paul Gardiner在生命的最后几年里染上了毒瘾,并于1984年2月4日在Middlesex的Limetrees公园因为过量吸食海洛因死亡。Paul留有一个儿子,Chris。
Gary Numan写了一首歌”A Child with the Ghost,来缅怀自己的挚友和贝斯手Paul Gardiner,并在Paul Gardiner死后的10年以及20周年纪念日举办的慈善演唱会上,Gary Numan独自弹唱”Stormtrooper in Drag”这首歌…
在2009年的Pleasure Principle巡演上,Gary Numan再次在Paul Gardiner25周年忌辰时演奏”Complex”,并在现场的屏幕上播放Paul Gardiner的巨幅照片。

Paul Gardiner
是我非常喜欢的一名贝斯手,他的风格应该是电子,虽然BASSLINE远没有爵士或者FUNK一类的丰富华丽,有时候甚至一首歌都是简单的一个小RIFF重复下来,但是仍然可以给我们带来非常多的Idea,或者说是启示。电子乐原本是冰冷的,但是Paul Gardiner却让这机械般的音乐灵动起来,给Gary Numan天马行空般的思路提供不竭的GROOVE。Gary Numan早期的专辑非常耐听,这很大程度上也是Paul Gardiner精巧的Bassline的功劳吧。