Michael Fuller是美国著名的手工效果器FULLTONE的创始人,他本人不仅是一位出色的电子专家,更是一位出色的吉他手、音乐家,他获得过《Guitar Player》杂志举办的“Ultimate Guitarist Competition”(终极吉他手比赛)“ Blues category.“(蓝调类别)的冠军。同时他也是一位收藏家,收藏了各种珍贵的古董乐器。可能正是这样多重身份的综合,才造就了FULLTONE在10多年的工夫,迅速成为了世界上最受欢迎和最知名的手工效果器品牌吧。


’65 Candy Apple Red Strat

1968 Fender Tele Bass, sounds like a Grand Piano with attitude


Mint 1956 Les Paul Special in TV Yellow

1965 Fender Stratocaster in Olympic White

Three shades of Blonde…
(Left) My Baby, a Frankenstein strat I call “Whitey” that is my live Maple neck axe,
(Middle) my ’61 Cream Telecaster, and (Right) my ’58 see-thru white Telecaster.

’59 Les Paul      

The right one is a mint Rare “Ebony Block” 1961 Les Paul.
The other one is one of the Gibson Historic “Relic” 1961 Les Pauls.
I put real PAF pickups in it and it sounds fantastic!

1922 Gibson F-4 Mandolin. perfect for fulfilling that deep-seated
Jimmy Page fantasy I’ve been harboring

1941 Martin 00021:

60’s Tele

335 Stratelepaul

1956 Blonde Gibson L-5C with OHSC

’60 335 and ’60 Bassman 5F6-A

Left to Right: ’57, ’61, and ’59 Stratocasters and a few ’60’s Marshalls

The “Skyline” Tracking Room

I often hear people say “Mike’s a “Marshall guy” but, although I love my Marshalls, the majority of my clean playing and recording is done through BlackFace Fender Deluxe Reverbs, Pro Reverbs, Super Reverb’s. Lately I’ve even been tracking the leads for my second CD through smaller amps as well like the Deluxe Reverb with a little help from a Fulldrive2 or DistortionPro….funny the comments I get like: “Hey, now THAT’s a Marshall stack, there’s NO mistaking THAT!”

5F6 Bassman   / ’65 Blonde Princeton Rev /   ’65 Deluxe Rev   /  ’64 Super Rev  /  ’65 Pro Rev/  1965 Super Rev    /   ’64 Vibroverb      /   ’65 Deluxe Rev   / ’65 Super Reverb  /     ’65 Pro Rev/   ’64 Vibroverb      /     ’65 Deluxe Rev/   ’64 Blonde Reverb  /   ’61 Brown Reverb  /     ’64 Black Reverb


Late ’66 or Early ’67 Vox Wah Wah

THE Blues Amp

a very early (1956) Hammond B-3 organ

Neumann KM56

Neumann U67

Rare Ludwig Phase II “Synthesizer”

3 mint Tube Echoplexes

    Ahhh….the finest tubes in the world:

Genalex KT66 and KT88 output tubes!