The man, the legend…Michael Angelo! is proud to sit down with the man himself.In a very special interview,let’s find what will Michael Angelo say:

GC( will invite you to China for a performance in 2004. You have got a experience before, What were your first impressions of China and the first performance many years ago?
A(Michael Angelo). I toured China for the first time in the summer of 1997. It was fantastic. The people China treated me great and the response to my performances was phenomenal.


GC.  What are you plan for in 2004, except the tour in China?
A. I will release 2 new CDs this year and perform at least 100 shows around the world.

GC. In China, so many guitar players have know you through networks, and also released some of your introductions and musics,especially the legendary “Speed Kills”. Due to the amazing techniques in “Speed Kills”,we address you as “hands with no shadows” for respect! Tell us more about “Speed Kills”.
A. Thank you very much. I wanted to show guitarists some of my techniques so they could learn to play better in “Speed Kills”. I also wanted to do things on guitar that were different from other guitarists. The “hands with no shadow”. I call it the “under-over” technique. The Double-Guitar. “Speed Kills” was voted one of the Top 75 best guitar DVDs of all time by Guitar World Magazine in the USA (January 2004). It was quite an honor.

GC. Some famous guitar magezines voted you one of the top 10 fastest guitarist in 2003, you are the No.1 without doubt. You are the shredder of all time. How can you play the guitar in such a fast speed?
A. I practice very hard. I always think that I can become a better guitarist. I started playing the guitar at 10 years old and I could already play fast. It was never a goal to be the fastest guitarist in the world. I learned that I had the ability and just worked very hard to make myself better.

GC. Technique is serve to the music. When technique on the summit, how to perform the music? Do you prefer speed technique or music?
A. I prefer music. Always. My technique serves my music. I hear certain notes and melodies in my head and play them. Whether it is very fast or very slow I hear the notes a certain way. My technique allows me to be able to play what I hear in my head.

GC. You can use Double-Guitar——“The Dean Mach 7-Jet Double”,  tell us how can you play it so wonderful?
A. I wanted to do something new. Something that was never done on a guitar and I did it. I am left handed but learned to play right handed first as a child. I realized that since I am left handed I could probably play a left handed guitar. I approached Dean Guitars with my idea and they liked it and built the Double-Guitar for me. The Double-Guitar is my design. My invention. I really play it. That is what makes it special. I really play left handed and right handed at the same time.

GC.  You are the best guitar master in speed technique. Can you talk about other guitarist whom you appreciate ont only in guitar technique bot also in guitar music?
A. I like Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, George Benson,Charlie Christian,Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen and many, many more. I listen to guitar music, not just guitar technique. I also learn from the past as well as the present.There are so many great guitarists that came before me. We have preserved their recordings and I am very inspired to hear their music.

GC. Can you talk about your band.
A. I have performed with several bands in the last year. I have performed with artists like Pink as well as other bands.  I consider myself a solo artist.

GC.  Many people only prefer speed technique,especially the beginners. How do you think about it?
A. I think that technique is great to work on.Especially for a beginning guitarist. What I tell guitarists and musicians is that soul, passion and feel have to accompany technique. My philosophy is guitar playing should include technique with soul, passion, feeling, fire and emotion.

GC. What do you want to say to the guitar fans and the net friends in China.
A. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in China again.China is a fantastic country. Also, to every musician:Practice, Practice,Practice!

GC.thanks,welcome to china soon!

Thank for Miss.Deb Mikesch