4 Grab-n-Go Pedalboards

Sometimes, simpler is better. Consider these situations: a small stage, a quick set-up and tear-down, a gig that requires a plane flight, a pick-up gig, a jam or rehearsal,or if you simply don’t want to deal with all of the mucky-muck of cables; a consolidated pedalboard gives you one less thing to be concerned with. 



Convenience is key with this list. The criteria is that each pedalboard has to represent the basic effects categories, have the ability to turn individual effects off or on with a footswitch, and include dedicated knobs for each effect to control parameters for on-the-fly tweaks. They all do at least four simultaneous effects, can be connected with only two cables, and only need one power outlet. 


All of these units sound great and function flawlessly. They’re also tough enough to withstand being hauled around to different venues and put on the floor to be stomped — as stompboxes should be! 

所有这些设备都拥有杰出的音色和完美的功能,并且质量坚固,在不同的场地里、在不同的地面上踩踏都没有任何问题 – 就像单块效果器应有的表现那样!

Tech 21 FlyRig5

The outstanding feature of the Fly Rig 5 is its tiny size; a mere 2.5″ x 11.5″ x 1.25″ and 1.16 lbs! The amazing part is that in that tiny space is a SansAmp modeler with EQ and reverb, a Plexi-style distortion section, an adjustable,foot-switchable boost, and a tapedelay emulator with a Drift control for modulated delays. 

Fly Rig 5在小巧的外形里提供了出色的性能,它的大小只有2.5x 11.5 x 1.25英寸,重量只有1.16磅!这款产品的惊人之处在于在这么小的空间里包含了一个带有均衡和混响的SansAmp放大器模拟、一个Plexi风格的失真、一个可调节可由踩钉切换的Boost提升功能以及一个磁带延时效果,磁带延时还带有Drift(偏移)控制用于调制延时效果。

The inclusion of a SansAmp modeler makes it possible for the Fly Rig 5 to be your entire rig; just add guitar! It’s small enough to keep as a back-up rig for any situation; just put it in your cable bag or guitar gigbag pocket to get you through amp failure or effects rig disaster.My cohort here at Sweetwater, Mitch Gallagher, does exactly that. 

得益于包含了一个SansAmp放大器模拟部分,Fly Rig 5就可以成为你的全套装备,只需加上你的吉他就够了!因为它的外形足够小,所以可以在任何环境下当成一个备用装备。只需将它放进接线包或是吉他包的口袋里,就能在吉他放大器或效果器出现故障的时候解决你的燃眉之急。我在Sweetwater公司里的同事Mitch Gallagher正是这样做的。

T-Rex SoulMate

The SoulMate takes effects drawn from four of T-Rex’s most popular pedals — Moller, Mudhoney, Replica/Reptile, and Room Mate — and adds a tuner, an effects loop, and stereo outputs. The delay has a tap-tempo switch, which is also a mute for the tuner when held, and both the delay and reverb offer modulation options. Not only can each effect be switched on or off individually in Live mode, but ten different combinations of the effects can be stored and recalled by putting the SoulMate into Bank mode. The SoulMate also uses high-grade components, switches, and connectors for excellent tone and durability. An all-analog dry signal path keeps your guitar tone intact. It even comes with its own zippered carry bag. 

SoulMate集合了T-Rex最受欢迎的4款单块效果器Moller、Mudhoney、Replica/Reptile以及Room Mate,并在此基础上加入了一个校音器、一个效果回路和立体声输出。延时效果还有一个打拍定速踩钉,将这个踩钉踩住不放就进入静音调弦状态。延时和混响效果都提供了调制选项。SoulMate不仅可以在Live(现场)模式下做到每一种效果的单独开启和关闭,而且在Bank(音色库)模式下这些效果的10种不同组合形式还可以被保存下来并随时被召回调用。SoulMate采用的是高质量的零件、踩钉以及接口硬件,带来的是杰出的音色和出色的耐用性。完全模拟的的干声信号线路让你的吉他音色不受任何影响。它甚至还附带了一个带拉链的手提包。

The effects loop is located between the distortion and delay in the signal path. That allows you to either insert a favorite effect — phase shifter, rotary speaker simulator, chorus, etc. — into a critical point of the signal chain or to patch the delay and reverb into the effects loop of your amp using a “four-wire” routing scheme. That’s a nice option because putting time-based effects in your amp’s effects loop keeps the tone stack and input stage of your amp from coloring the effects, resulting in cleaner and fuller sounding repeats and ambiance.Cause of all of this,SoulMate sounds very analog and warm.


Boss ME-80

The ME-80 is a full-featured, amp and effects modeler using Boss’ COSM modeling technology, with a massive array of options and programmability; pretty much what you’d expect from a Boss all-in-one unit. However, the thing that sets the ME-80 apart and places it on this short list is a feature called Manual Mode. In Manual Mode, the footswitches become on/off switches for the labeled effects and the knobs corresponding to those effects become the active settings. Now it operates just like a pedalboard full of stompboxes! 


Although a bit larger than the Fly Rig or SoulMate, you get more sounds and options plus a built-in expression pedal. Including the preamp section, there are seven simultaneous effects available that each have their own dedicated on/off switch and knobs. There are lots of tweakable parameters for each effect, and several models available under each effect category. The ME-80’s layout is well planned; even though there are two rows of footswitches, the bottom row is Comp, Overdrive/Distortion, Modulation, and Delay, which would probably be the most used effects in the heat of battle. 

虽然ME-80在尺寸上比Fly Rig和SoulMate要大一点,但是你得到的是更多的音色、更多的选型,还有一个内置的表情踏板。包括前置放大部分在内,总共有7种可同时使用的效果,每一种效果都有自己专门的踩钉开关和旋钮。每一种效果还有不少可调节的参数,并且每一种效果类型里还提供好几种型号选择。ME-80的布局经过精心的设计,在两排踩钉中的底下一排是压缩、过载/失真、调制和延时的踩钉,这些也许是在紧张的演出中最常用的几种效果。

Line 6 M13

It would be difficult to compile this list without at least a mention of the venerable Line 6 M13. While it may not exactly fit all of the criteria, this tried-and-true veteran gives you four simultaneous effects that can be individually switched and controlled with dedicated knobs for each effect slot. Since it’s a stompbox modeler, any of over 75 effects can be placed anywhere in the chain. You can also enter Bank Mode and use presets, plus there are footswitches that can be dedicated to the onboard looper. The extra real estate that the M13 occupies affords a lot more options. 

如果没提到备受推崇的Line 6 M13效果器的话,这份列表很难说是完全的。虽然它可能不是正好符合所有的标准,但这款久经考验的效果器能让你同时使用4种效果,并且每种效果都可以单独地开启和关闭,还可以通过各自专门的旋钮来进行控制。因为M13是一款模拟单块的设备,所以超过75款单块效果中的任意一个都可以放在信号链中的任意位置。你还可以进入Bank(音色库)模式来使用预置设定,另外还有踩钉可专门用于内置的乐句循环录音机。M13虽然占用了额外的一些空间,但也带来了更多的选项。

With any of these four self-contained pedalboards, you get a simple, ergonomic solution for adding essential effects to your rig without hassles.Just grab one of these, sling your guitar over your shoulder, and a grab suitably sized combo amp, and you’re ready to go — one trip from the car to the stage! Fast and easy. 

这4款功能齐全的单块综合效果器中的任何一款都可以为你提供一个简单的、符合人体工学的解决方案,能给你的系统轻松地加入必不可少的效果。选择其中一款,背上你的吉他,再搭配一款尺寸合适的一体箱,你就可以出发了 – 踏上从轿车到舞台的摇滚之路!就是这么简单和迅速。