EH 个性十足的TONE TATTOO“纹身”多功能模拟效果器

新品TONE TATTOO“纹身”效果器,是将经典Metal muff重金属失真效果和Neo Clone模拟合唱效果及Memory Toy模拟延时效果,三种个性音色汇集在一起的多功能效果的效果器。集经典音色一身的TONE TATTOO“纹身”效果器,降噪效果也得到了更新,已将噪音减小到最小。TONE TATTOO“纹身”效果器,对于吉它来说如同“护身符”一样伟大—–简直就是经典音色的纹身!

TONE TATTOO is our first fully-interactive, analog multi-effects pedal. Satisfy your tone jones with a chain that features the Metal Muff Distortion, Neo Clone Chorus and Memory Toy Analog Delay.

Delivers crushing Lead & Rhythm tones. Features full tone sculpting, including two levels of scoop. New Noise Gate for minimal noise. With three critically acclaimed effects, it’s like a talisman for great guitar.